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Back 2back Fat swells - Happy New Year! Wednesday saw 5-7 ft.; but friday... friday saw huge 12-14ft. NW swell pumpin @ the Creek. Middles was walled, but the point was smokin. Hard to get a good angle on the light at that size, but i did get a few decent shotz.

This gallery includes some from thursday 1/5. NOTE: Gallery is NOT complete yet - still editing,
Thursday 1/52012_1_5 Creek 226=2012_1_5 Creek 237=2012_1_5 Creek 238=2012_1_5 Creek 262=2012_1_5 Creek 378=2012_1_5 Creek 384=2012_1_5 Creek 501=2012_1_5 Creek 503=2012_1_5 Creek 510=2012_1_5 Creek 608=2012_1_5 Creek 609=2012_1_5 Creek 650=2012_1_5 Creek 679=2012_1_5 Creek 680=2012_1_6 (b) Creek 020=2012_1_6 (b) Creek 055=2012_1_6 (b) Creek 082=2012_1_6 (b) Creek 089=2012_1_6 (b) Creek 095=

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